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CAPM® Interactive Program – July, 2nd 2024

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CAPM® Interactive Program – July, 2nd 2024

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Conçu pour les jeunes professionnels, notre programme de préparation au CAPM® vous permet d’acquérir les connaissances essentielles pour aborder en toute confiance l’examen CAPM® en seulement 4 semaines. La certification CAPM® valide votre compréhension des pratiques fondamentales de gestion de projet, ce qui fait de vous un atout précieux pour toute équipe de projet. Ce titre mondialement reconnu démontre votre engagement dans le développement professionnel et vous positionne pour réussir dans une variété d’industries.

Instead of just showing you hundreds of slides, our experienced trainers will explain key concepts and help you understand them using practical exercises. Our sessions are 3 hours long and will happen 3 days a week (usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) after regular work hours.

What is the CAPM Certification?

As the leading professional organization for project management, PMI offers the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification to recognize individuals with a solid understanding of fundamental project management practices. This certification validates your grasp of key project phases, terminology, and best practices, making you a valuable asset to any project team.

Unlike the PMP which focuses on leadership experience, the CAPM is designed for those with limited project management experience or those new to the field. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and positions you for success in various industries.

To obtain the CAPM certification, you don’t need extensive experience. You’ll primarily need to pass a multiple-choice exam that focuses on foundational knowledge. This makes the CAPM a more accessible entry point into the world of project management compared to the PMP.

Course Details:

Live virtual training

02/07/2024 - 26/07/2024

17:30pm - 20:30pm GMT

French Flag
Course Trainer:

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