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ProKanban.org is a professional community and certification organization that provides resources and training for individuals and organizations interested in using the Kanban method for Agile project management. The Kanban method is a popular approach to managing work in a pull-based, visual way, and ProKanban.org provides guidance and support for individuals and organizations who want to use this approach. They offer a range of certifications, including Professional Kanban Practitioner (PKP) and Professional Kanban Coach (PKC). The organization is dedicated to promoting the use of Kanban and helping individuals and organizations adopt this method effectively to improve their project management practices.

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Why learn from a professional kanban trainer

Learning from a Professional Kanban Trainer (PKT) offers several benefits:

  1. Expertise: PKTs have a deep understanding of the Kanban method, its values, and principles, and they are experts in teaching Kanban effectively.
  2. Credibility: PKTs are certified by ProKanban and have demonstrated their knowledge and ability to teach Kanban. This provides assurance that you are learning from a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.
  3. High-Quality Training: PKTs are held to high standards by ProKanban, and are required to provide high-quality training that meets the requirements set forth by ProKanban.
  4. Access to ProKanban Resources: PKTs have access to the latest resources and tools from ProKanban, including training materials, sample assessments, and the ProKanban community of practice.
  5. Professional Development: By learning from a PKT, you have the opportunity to gain professional development and improve your skills, knowledge, and credibility as a Kanban practitioner.

In summary, learning from a PKT provides you with access to the latest resources and training, as well as the expertise and credibility of a ProKanban-certified instructor. By learning from a PKT, you can improve your skills, knowledge, and credibility as a Kanban practitioner, and help your organization achieve better outcomes through the effective use of the Kanban method.

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