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Lamine Fall

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Scrum Master | Agile Consultant

We live in a complex world of uncertainty, unpredictability where everything is interdependent. However, using management frameworks and infrastructure models from past revolutions are not adequate to assure survival in the digital age.
An empirical approach based on experience and lean thinking with trial and error, short feedback loop allow us to stick to the reality and to be able to focus on delivering value, creating better outcomes.

Lamine is a change Agent with 10+ years experiences : I help teams and organizations optimizing ways of working and become efficient and resilient.

Focus : fields of expertise

Agile Adoption :
• Helping organizations for their transition from traditional plan-based approach to agile approach
to delivery business value by improving customer outcomes
• Support teams in adoption of agile framework/ toolkits ( Scrum, Kanban, Nexus, Lean Thinking
• Support managers,C-levels towards their new responsibilities within an agile organization ( Growth
mindset, leading by example, focus on the people)

Agile Product Delivery :
• Based on customer centric approach to define, build and releasing a continuous flow of valuable
products and services to customers/End users.
• Support Business Owner/ Product Owner to understand customer needs and how to design
and experiment adequate solution hypothesis in complex contexts.

Coaching Agile teams :
• Creating an environment where self-organized, high performance teams can emerge, then
collaborate with teams, organizations to self discover options and to take action from the selected
option that will result in desired outcomes
• Helping stakeholders to understand and enact an empirical approach for complex initiatives.

Project Management :
• Identifying and aligning requirement of clients with effective solutions by contributing in
brainstorming and mind mapping sessions with customer and internal cross functional teams to
get effective upshots
• Managing stakeholders towards meeting project requirements and creating project deliverables
• Balancing the competing project constraints ( Budget, Schedule, Risk…)
• Plan and conduct project procurements

Background :
• Waterfall Project Management
• Strong experiences with telcos solutions development/integration support ( BSS/OSS)
• Software engineering, software craftsmanship

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